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Standing Together

Prayer is our opportunity to talk with God and hear from Him.  It's a conversation with our Creator.  At Cortaro Vista we are a community who know and trust God, while asking Him to work in and around us.

We are committed to pray with and for each other.  We want to pray with and for YOU!  Just leave your prayer request below and we will partner with you in asking God to carry out His will.

God Bless You!

Please visit our new website,
www.cortarovista.org, for more information.  This website will be going down soon.  The last updates to this site will be on July 6th, 2015.

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Thank you, Lord, that we can come before You in freedom; not only the freedom to worship as we choose, but the freedom Christ gave us to come to You through him. Help us to remember that you are with us always, everywhere, all the time.

--Please pray for congregational unspoken prayers.
--Please pray for our military men and women, past, present and future, serving all over the world. Pray especially for those in combat areas and/or dangerous deployments.
--Katie, Barb’s daughter, had her baby girl Friday night. Please pray for Mom, Dad, and baby, Piper Betty Jones (6lbs, 9oz, 21 inches), as they begin their journey as a family.
-Henry, Kathy’s friend, has a mass on his brain. He is in TMC at this time. He is alert, but please pray for Henry, his family, and his medical team as they determine what needs to happen next.
--Melissa, Kathy’s friend, who had brain surgery several months ago, will need to have another surgery. The MRI showed the tumor is back. The surgery is scheduled for July 17th. Please pray for Melissa, her medical team and her family as they face this difficult situation.
--John Duke, Mike’s nephew, needs continued prayers. He has a feeding tube, but is not able to take all the nutrition they would like him to have. He is awaiting PET scan results. Please continue to pray for John Duke, Mike and the family as they continue this very difficult journey.
--Janet, Claire’s friend, has stage 4 lung cancer and now has found out she also has liver cancer. She is awaiting a PET scan to determine the next steps. Please pray for Janet, her family and friends, and for her medical team.
--Virginia’s cousin, Louisa, also has lung cancer. Her son has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Please pray for this family as they travel this doubly difficult road.
--Blake and Allison are still awaiting their move. Pray that things will be settled for them soon. It is so difficult to be in limbo and not know what will be coming next.
--Kerry, a friend of Gail’s, has a court hearing for her disability this week. She is also awaiting results from an MRI. Please pray for good results for her.
--Please pray for the Mescalero Church. They are searching for a pastor. Please pray that God will show the committee and leaders the right candidate to pastor this church. Please pray for wisdom and insight for the leadership and for the congregation as they continue this difficult transition.
--Gail has an MRI this week. Please pray for her comfort during the test, and for good results.
--Please pray for travel mercies for DJ, and for Jan and Sharan W. as they travel this week.


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